Download Packages

MS4W Base Package

These builds contain:
  • MapServer 7.0.7

  • GDAL 2.2.4

  • Apache 2.4.38

  • PHP 5.6.40

  • MapCache 1.6.1


    If your server needs support for a specific version of PHP, Python, Apache, MapServer, GDAL, Oracle, ECW, Microsoft SQL Server, or any of MS4W’s hundreds of libraries, or a specific Windows version, or an entire MS4W package in x64 or 32bit, please contact Gateway Geomatics

setup.exe Installer

MS4W Setup Installer v3.3.0 (released 2019-01-23)

zip Archive

MS4W Archive v3.3.0 (released 2019-01-23)


MS4W 4.0.0 is coming! (beta2 is now available) PHP7 + speed improvements, PHPmapscript through SWIG API, MapServer 7.4dev, embedded Python 3.7, pycsw Catalogue Server, Mapbox Vector Tile server, MapCache 1.7dev, expanded ZOO-Project WPS support, map viewer on homepage, and so much more! Give it a try: zip / installer

Applications Packaged for MS4W

Extract the packages below to the root of the drive where your MS4W is installed on (e.g. C:/ ) and restart Apache. If you used the setup.exe installer you would extract these to the base of where you installed ms4w (e.g. if you have C:/Work/ms4w/, extract into C:/Work).

List of MS4W Applications
Application File Size Screen Capture
GeoMoose 31 MB GeoMoose3 demo interface
Mapbender 80 MB Mapbender demo interface
MapServer CGI Viewer 8 MB CGI-Viewer demo interface
MapServer Itasca Demo Application 9 MB Itasca demo interface
MapServer OGC Workshop 4 MB OGC Workshop interface
OpenLayers 21 MB OpenLayers examples interface
p.mapper 9 MB p.mapper demo interface
ZOO-Project 130 KB ZOO-Project WPS Example Services

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