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ZOO-Project frontend on ms4w

Reported by: venka Owned by: Jeff McKenna
Priority: enhancement Milestone: 4.0.3 release
Component: MS4W - Tools Version: 4.0.0
Keywords: ZOO Cc: niroshan, Gerald, bomp
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Tested the ZOO-demo C language OGR services (Buffer, Centroid etc.) on ms4w-4.0.0.

Extracted the ZOO-demo available at

into my C:\ms4w\Apache\htdocs and accessed the demo
as http://localhost/zoo-demo and the demo works.

We are now trying to test Python language OGR services, but not successful
thus far.


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comment:1 by venka, 5 years ago

Any help in getting the ZOO Python Service available at

running on ms4w-4.0.1 will be highly appreciated.



comment:2 by Jeff McKenna, 5 years ago

Important that each ticket be used for a single issue (this is not an MS4W rule, but a rule followed by all software projects as you know). For example, you may create a ticket named "add ZOO-demo to MS4W", and then maybe you found a new issue with Python, in which case you then file a new ticket for that Python issue. Thanks.

comment:3 by Jeff McKenna, 5 years ago

Cc: niroshan Gerald bomp added

comment:4 by Jeff McKenna, 5 years ago

I currently do not have access/permissions to download your file (

But I believe I did look at that demo a long time ago and it used a GeoServer service (obviously for MS4W we would need to leverage a MapServer service).

However I shouldn't assume that you have not already done that magic of course :)

Let me know when I can download that file. For now the updated ZOO-MS4W package will go out the door, and we can work on this demo update together.

comment:5 by Jeff McKenna, 5 years ago

Niroshan provided me access. I was in fact correct, this is the same demo that I examined last year, that points to/relies on an external GeoServer instance.

Niroshan/Venka: a good project/task is to take this GeoServer demo, and port it to use an MS4W localhost WMS service. The demo should also only use local JS files (no external jquery/bootstrap links). I have been meaning to tackle all of that, but, a year later and here we are ha! It would be a great student project, to set all of that up as a zip package, mapfile that serves those local country data in a local WMS service running on the local MS4W. If you need hints how to do that, download MS4W's openlayers package, and then see the MapServer WMS demo inside that, that is actually a local MS4W WMS service running on local data, on your computer.

So you see, there is never any 'easy' task for MS4W, as the more work I/we do before the release, the easier it is for MS4W users...this is why MS4W is so popular, because of all this effort that goes into it.

Please let me know if you are accepting this task/ticket, and we can just leave this ticket open as you work on it. Take your time. This task could take you days, weeks, year...whatever you wish.

Thank you!

comment:6 by Jeff McKenna, 5 years ago

Milestone: 4.0.1 release4.1 release

Changing milestone, to give Niroshan time to give feedback on creating a MapServer/MS4W-based ZOO demo (as the current demo is based on GeoServer).

comment:7 by Jeff McKenna, 5 years ago

Milestone: 4.1 release4.0.3 release

comment:8 by Jeff McKenna, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Big news:

I have spent much effort (~5 days) on converting the ZOO-Project OGR 'base-vect-ops' demo (showing Buffer, Union, Intersection) from being driven from GeoServer, to fully driven through MapServer (and MS4W, of course). The application is now part of today's MS4W 4.0.3 release, and the ZOO demo now performs the WPS requests to a MapServer WMS instance (sending GeoJSON output from MapServer), and the WMS instance is served on each user's local MS4W server machine (essentially, the map service on the MS4W localhost is now serving GeoJSON as well, to handle this).

The MS4W installer ( will now also edit the base-vect-ops demo JS files for installation paths automatically, when installing.

You can also of course install MS4W and ZOO-Project manually, by downloading the base MS4W files ( and then the ZOO-Project application ( Most users today leverage the setup.exe installer.

*Also:* The ZOO-Project MapServer demo is working on the official MS4W demo machine at

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