10:01 Ticket #373 (upgrade to Matomo Analytics 4.8.0 release) created by Jeff McKenna
- changelog (supports PHP 8.1) : https://matomo.org/changelog/matomo-4-8-0/


09:34 Ticket #372 (mapfile raster layer won't open local network shared tiff images) closed by Jeff McKenna
invalid: @alvinleelwz would you mind posting this on the MS4W-users forum …


23:15 Ticket #372 (mapfile raster layer won't open local network shared tiff images) created by alvinleelwz
Hi, there. I am not sure this is a defect or what. In the map file, …


18:43 Ticket #371 (Add php imagick module) created by TC Haddad
The php imagick (image magick) module is sometimes recommended for …
09:26 Ticket #370 (upgrade to MapCache 1.12.0 release) created by Jeff McKenna


10:24 Ticket #369 (enable MVT through MapCache) created by Jeff McKenna
- as mentioned on the mapserver-users list, it is not easy to …


04:49 Ticket #368 (sqlite3.dll conflicts) created by alvinleelwz
The sqlite3.dll bundled in ms4w_4.0.5.zip in directory …


14:52 Ticket #367 (add sqldiff.exe & sqlite3_analyzer.exe utilities) created by Jeff McKenna
- https://sqlite.org/sqldiff.html - https://sqlite.org/sqlanalyze.html
13:46 Ticket #366 (add FTS5 extension (full text search through virtual tables) for SQLite) created by Jeff McKenna
- https://www.sqlite.org/fts5.html
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