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#198 new task

upgrade to PROJ 6.x series (now PROJ 9)

Reported by: Jeff McKenna Owned by: Jeff McKenna
Priority: blocker Milestone: 5.0.0 release
Component: MS4W - Base Version: 4.0.0
Keywords: Cc: TC Haddad
Blocked By: Blocking: #211, #212, #255, #278

Description (last modified by Jeff McKenna)

  • this will be a long-term goal, as PROJ 6 requires substantial changes for software projects that will use it
    • MapServer will likely wait until MapServer 8.0 to implement
    • GDAL 3.0 requires PROJ 6
    • GeoTIFF has released 1.5.0 that requires PROJ 6
    • other projects that will need to update their source first: SPATIALITE, SPATIALITE-TOOLS, MAPCACHE, OSM2PGSQL

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Here is a pretty thorough tracking of all PROJ-dependent libraries & their PROJ 6 status:

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Summary: upgrade to PROJ 6 releaseupgrade to PROJ 6.x series

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comment:10 by Jeff McKenna, 4 years ago

I've been building proj-master in the MS4W environment recently, and including that in GDAL builds locally. With GDAL's upcoming 3.1.0 release, and PROJ set to release 7.0.1 on May 1st (, it is a good time to add both into MS4W (most of the issues with PROJ >=6 have hopefully been filtered out).

My gut feeling is to:

  • create an MS4W 4.1.0-alpha build and distribute to the user list and ask for testing
  • include GDAL 3.1.0 and PROJ 7.0.1
  • as PROJ 7 adds network capability to the geotiff grids (, and since MS4W >=4 has been already including all necessary grid files for MS4W users (as most don't realize that these grids are required for accuracy), my gut says to:
    • include all geotiff grid files inside MS4W (there must but a command/script to download all at once)
    • also set PROJ_NETWORK=ON in setenv.bat and Apache's httpd.conf to hopefully enable automatic downloading of updated/missing grids on-the-fly
      • this needs testing, especially as I wonder what tmp path PROJ uses/requires on Windows
    • test with MapServer, as the many rumors of the poor impact on performance for MapServer CGI (is this true: unknown at the moment)

comment:11 by Jeff McKenna, 4 years ago

Milestone: 4.1 release4.2 release

Milestone renamed

comment:12 by Jeff McKenna, 4 years ago

Summary: upgrade to PROJ 6.x seriesupgrade to PROJ 6.x series (now PROJ 7)

comment:13 by Jeff McKenna, 4 years ago

Milestone: 4.2 release4.1 release

Milestone renamed

comment:14 by Jeff McKenna, 4 years ago

Here is a list of the PROJ-data grid sizes, totaling over 500MB. The MS4W installer could allow the user to select which grids to install, and then rely on PROJ_NETWORK=ON to pull in other grids as needed:

100.00%  523111200  ( 523.11 MB)  .
 15.41%   80585622  (  80.59 MB)  ./us_nga_egm08_25.tif
 13.96%   73022201  (  73.02 MB)  ./de_lgl_bw_BWTA2017.tif
  5.21%   27272664  (  27.27 MB)
  3.26%   17033175  (  17.03 MB)  ./us_noaa_g2012bu0.tif
  3.21%   16767965  (  16.77 MB)  ./us_noaa_geoid09_conus.tif
  3.20%   16742155  (  16.74 MB)  ./us_noaa_g2018u0.tif
  3.14%   16451024  (  16.45 MB)  ./us_noaa_geoid03_conus.tif
  2.44%   12781759  (  12.78 MB)  ./au_ga_AUSGeoid09_V1.01.tif
  2.19%   11478497  (  11.48 MB)  ./us_noaa_geoid06_ak.tif
  2.17%   11342483  (  11.34 MB)  ./us_noaa_g2012ba0.tif
  2.16%   11279068  (  11.28 MB)  ./us_noaa_geoid09_ak.tif
  2.11%   11031336  (  11.03 MB)  ./ca_nrc_CGG2013an83.tif
  2.11%   11030895  (  11.03 MB)  ./ca_nrc_CGG2013n83.tif
  2.08%   10906276  (  10.91 MB)  ./ca_nrc_CGG2013ai08.tif
  2.08%   10906091  (  10.91 MB)  ./ca_nrc_CGG2013i08.tif
  1.53%    8002286  (   8.00 MB)  ./ca_nrc_ON27CSv1.tif
  1.49%    7784410  (   7.78 MB)  ./ca_nrc_ntv2_0.tif
  1.40%    7300425  (   7.30 MB)  ./ca_nrc_ON76CSv1.tif
  1.36%    7114024  (   7.11 MB)  ./dk_sdfe_gvr2016.tif
  1.18%    6180460  (   6.18 MB)  ./ca_nrc_MAY76V20.tif
  1.13%    5934098  (   5.93 MB)  ./au_icsm_National_84_02_07_01.tif
  1.12%    5839686  (   5.84 MB)  ./au_ga_AUSGeoid2020_20180201.tif
  1.00%    5232082  (   5.23 MB)  ./nz_linz_nzgeoid2016.tif

Here is the full file list of the PROJ shared directory, for PROJ 7.1.0 (on Linux this would be /usr/local/share/proj/):

77M	us_nga_egm08_25.tif
70M	de_lgl_bw_BWTA2017.tif
26M	au_icsm_GDA94_GDA2020_conformal_and_distortion.tif
17M	us_noaa_g2012bu0.tif
17M	us_noaa_geoid09_conus.tif
16M	us_noaa_g2018u0.tif
16M	us_noaa_geoid03_conus.tif
13M	au_ga_AUSGeoid09_V1.01.tif
11M	ca_nrc_CGG2013ai08.tif
11M	ca_nrc_CGG2013an83.tif
11M	ca_nrc_CGG2013i08.tif
11M	ca_nrc_CGG2013n83.tif
11M	us_noaa_g2012ba0.tif
11M	us_noaa_geoid06_ak.tif
11M	us_noaa_geoid09_ak.tif
7.7M	ca_nrc_ON27CSv1.tif
7.5M	ca_nrc_ntv2_0.tif
7.0M	ca_nrc_ON76CSv1.tif
6.8M	dk_sdfe_gvr2016.tif
6.0M	ca_nrc_MAY76V20.tif
5.7M	au_icsm_National_84_02_07_01.tif
5.6M	au_ga_AUSGeoid2020_20180201.tif
5.1M	nz_linz_nzgeoid2016.tif
5.0M	ca_nrc_ON83CSv1.tif
4.4M	au_icsm_GDA94_GDA2020_conformal.tif
4.2M	nz_linz_nzgeoid2009.tif
4.1M	de_geosn_NTv2_SN.tif
3.8M	au_ga_AUSGeoid98.tif
3.4M	ca_nrc_NB2783v2.tif
3.1M	is_lmi_ISN_vel_beta.tif
3.0M	us_noaa_g1999a02.tif
3.0M	us_noaa_g1999a04.tif
3.0M	us_noaa_g2003a01.tif
3.0M	us_noaa_g2003a02.tif
3.0M	us_noaa_g2003a03.tif
3.0M	us_noaa_g2003a04.tif
2.9M	uk_os_OSTN15_NTv2_OSGBtoETRS.tif
2.9M	us_noaa_g1999a03.tif
2.8M	ca_nrc_HT2_2010v70.tif
2.8M	us_noaa_g1999a01.tif
2.6M	us_nga_egm96_15.tif
2.6M	us_noaa_g1999u01.tif
2.5M	ca_nrc_NS778302.tif
2.5M	us_noaa_g1999u06.tif
2.4M	us_noaa_g1999u07.tif
2.3M	au_icsm_A66_National_13_09_01.tif
2.3M	se_lantmateriet_SWEN17_RH2000.tif
2.3M	us_noaa_g1999u02.tif
2.3M	us_noaa_g1999u05.tif
2.2M	ca_nrc_NB7783v2.tif
2.2M	proj.db
2.2M	us_noaa_g1999u04.tif
2.2M	us_noaa_g1999u08.tif
2.0M	us_noaa_g1999u03.tif
1.9M	dk_sdfe_dnn.tif
1.5M	uk_os_OSGM15_GB.tif
1.4M	ca_nrc_NA83SCRS.tif
1.1M	at_bev_GV_Hoehengrid_V1.tif
1.1M	ca_nrc_NAD83v70VG.tif
1.1M	nc_dittt_Ranc08_Circe.tif
1017K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ka20161114-grid02.tif
997K	ch_swisstopo_CHENyx06a.tif
973K	ca_nrc_BC_93_05.tif
909K	ca_nrc_SK27-98.tif
817K	es_ign_egm08-rednap.tif
761K	at_bev_GV_Hoehengrid_plus_Geoid_V2.tif
741K	be_ign_bd72lb72_etrs89lb08.tif
737K	dk_sdfe_gvr2000.tif
717K	ca_nrc_BC_27_05.tif
709K	ca_nrc_ABCSRSV4.tif
689K	us_noaa_vertconc.tif
613K	us_noaa_vertconw.tif
597K	sk_gku_Slovakia_ETRS89h_to_EVRF2007.tif
585K	ch_swisstopo_CHENyx06_ETRS.tif
573K	is_lmi_ISN2004_ISN2016.tif
561K	is_lmi_ISN93_ISN2016.tif
557K	us_noaa_vertcone.tif
545K	de_lgvl_saarland_SeTa2016.tif
525K	us_noaa_alaska.tif
505K	ca_nrc_SK83-98.tif
497K	ca_nrc_NAD83v6VG.tif
497K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ka20161114-grid03.tif
489K	sk_gku_Slovakia_ETRS89h_to_Baltic1957.tif
485K	is_lmi_Icegeoid_ISN2016.tif
485K	is_lmi_Icegeoid_ISN93.tif
461K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-c120100904-grid01.tif
453K	is_lmi_Icegeoid_ISN2004.tif
417K	ca_nrc_TO27CSv1.tif
393K	br_ibge_SAD69_003.tif
377K	us_noaa_g1999h01.tif
377K	us_noaa_g2003h01.tif
377K	us_noaa_g2009h01.tif
373K	us_noaa_g2012bh0.tif
365K	eur_nkg_nkgrf03vel_realigned.tif
365K	nl_nsgi_rdcorr2018.tif
357K	ca_nrc_ntv1_can.tif
349K	fr_ign_RAF09.tif
345K	fr_ign_RAF18.tif
341K	br_ibge_SAD96_003.tif
333K	dk_sdfe_dvr90.tif
325K	ca_nrc_PE7783V2.tif
325K	ca_que_mern_na27na83.tif
317K	ca_nrc_NA27SCRS.tif
301K	ca_nrc_CQ77SCRS.tif
289K	us_noaa_g2009s01.tif
289K	us_noaa_g2012bs0.tif
281K	ca_que_mern_cq77na83.tif
281K	nl_nsgi_rdtrans2018.tif
265K	nl_nsgi_naptrans2018.tif
265K	nl_nsgi_nlgeo2018.tif
241K	br_ibge_CA7072_003.tif
229K	pt_dgt_D73_ETRS89_geo.tif
229K	us_noaa_g2003p01.tif
229K	us_noaa_g2009p01.tif
229K	us_noaa_g2012bp0.tif
225K	us_noaa_g1999p01.tif
225K	us_noaa_g2018p0.tif
221K	at_bev_AT_GIS_GRID.tif
221K	pt_dgt_DLx_ETRS89_geo.tif
221K	uk_os_OSGM15_Malin.tif
217K	uk_os_OSGM15_Belfast.tif
205K	nz_linz_nzgd2kgrid0005.tif
201K	us_noaa_hawaii.tif
193K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-lg20130816-grid01.tif
193K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-lg20130816-grid02.tif
189K	dk_sdfe_fvr09.tif
189K	es_ign_SPED2ETV2.tif
189K	sk_gku_JTSK03_to_JTSK.tif
181K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ds20090715-grid013.tif
181K	us_noaa_conus.tif
169K	us_noaa_g2009g01.tif
169K	us_noaa_g2012bg0.tif
149K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ka20161114-grid11.tif
129K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-c220110222-grid01.tif
125K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ka20161114-grid05.tif
121K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ka20161114-grid08.tif
121K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-mq20041223-grid012.tif
113K	br_ibge_CA61_003.tif
113K	ca_nrc_NVI93_05.tif
113K	fr_ign_ggguy15.tif
109K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-cs20130721-grid01.tif
109K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-cs20130721-grid02.tif
105K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-c320110613-grid01.tif
101K	fr_ign_gr3df97a.tif
101K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-si20030821-grid01.tif
97K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ka20161114-grid01.tif
97K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ndm-grid02.tif
93K	fr_ign_ntf_r93.tif
85K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-c420111223-grid01.tif
77K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ka20161114-grid06.tif
77K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ka20161114-grid09.tif
73K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ch20160214-grid01.tif
69K	files.geojson
69K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ka20161114-grid12.tif
65K	ca_nrc_CRD93_00.tif
65K	nc_dittt_gr3dnc01b.tif
61K	fr_ign_ggker08v2.tif
53K	fr_ign_RASPM2018.tif
53K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-gs20071016-grid01.tif
45K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ndm-grid01.tif
41K	at_bev_GEOID_BESSEL_Oesterreich.tif
41K	ca_nrc_CRD27_00.tif
41K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ka20161114-grid04.tif
37K	fr_ign_RAGTBT2016.tif
37K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ka20161114-grid07.tif
33K	at_bev_GEOID_GRS80_Oesterreich.tif
33K	au_icsm_GDA94_GDA2020_conformal_christmas_island.tif
33K	ca_nrc_GS7783.tif
29K	cache.db
29K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-mq20041223-grid015.tif
25K	au_icsm_GDA94_GDA2020_conformal_cocos_island.tif
25K	de_adv_BETA2007.tif
25K	fr_ign_RAMART2016.tif
25K	nz_linz_lyttht1937-nzvd2016.tif
25K	us_noaa_stgeorge.tif
21K	fr_ign_ggpf10-Tahiti.tif
21K	nz_linz_motuht1953-nzvd2016.tif
17K	us_noaa_ethpgn.tif
17K	us_noaa_prvi.tif
17K	us_noaa_stlrnc.tif
13K	dk_sdfe_DK_general.pol
13K	fr_ign_RAC09.tif
13K	fr_ign_RAR07_bl.tif
13K	nz_linz_auckht1946-nzvd2016.tif
13K	nz_linz_duneht1958-nzvd2016.tif
13K	nz_linz_nelsht1955-nzvd2016.tif
13K	us_noaa_azhpgn.tif
13K	us_noaa_cnhpgn.tif
13K	us_noaa_emhpgn.tif
13K	us_noaa_flhpgn.tif
13K	us_noaa_FL.tif
13K	us_noaa_inhpgn.tif
13K	us_noaa_mihpgn.tif
13K	us_noaa_mnhpgn.tif
13K	us_noaa_mohpgn.tif
13K	us_noaa_nmhpgn.tif
13K	us_noaa_nyhpgn.tif
13K	us_noaa_wmhpgn.tif
13K	us_noaa_wohpgn.tif
13K	us_noaa_WO.tif
13K	us_noaa_wthpgn.tif
8.5K	deformation_model.schema.json
8.5K	DK
8.5K	dk_sdfe_DK_bornholm.pol
8.5K	dk_sdfe_DK_jutland.pol
8.5K	dk_sdfe_DK_zealand.pol
8.5K	dk_sdfe_FO_fk89.pol
8.5K	fr_ign_ggpf08-Fakarava.tif
8.5K	fr_ign_ggpf08-Hao.tif
8.5K	fr_ign_RAMG2016.tif
8.5K	nad27
8.5K	nad83
8.5K	nc_dittt_gr3dnc02b.tif
8.5K	nz_linz_dublht1960-nzvd2016.tif
8.5K	nz_linz_gisbht1926-nzvd2016.tif
8.5K	nz_linz_napiht1962-nzvd2016.tif
8.5K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-20171201.json
8.5K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-20180701.json
8.5K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ka20161114-grid10.tif
8.5K	nz_linz_ontpht1964-nzvd2016.tif
8.5K	nz_linz_taraht1970-nzvd2016.tif
8.5K	nz_linz_wellht1953-nzvd2016.tif
8.5K	projjson.schema.json
8.5K	us_noaa_alhpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_arhpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_cohpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_cshpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_gahpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_hihpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_iahpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_ilhpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_kshpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_kyhpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_lahpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_mehpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_mshpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_nbhpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_nchpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_ndhpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_nehpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_njhpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_nvhpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_ohhpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_okhpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_pahpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_schpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_sdhpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_stpaul.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_tnhpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_TN.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_uthpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_vahpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_wihpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_WI.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_wvhpgn.tif
8.5K	us_noaa_wyhpgn.tif
4.5K	at_bev_README.txt
4.5K	au_ga_README.txt
4.5K	au_icsm_README.txt
4.5K	be_ign_README.txt
4.5K	br_ibge_README.txt
4.5K	ca_nrc_README.txt
4.5K	ca_que_mern_README.txt
4.5K	CH
4.5K	ch_swisstopo_README.txt
4.5K	de_adv_README.txt
4.5K	de_geosn_README.txt
4.5K	de_lgl_bw_README.txt
4.5K	de_lgvl_saarland_README.txt
4.5K	dk_sdfe_DK_bridges.pol
4.5K	dk_sdfe_README.txt
4.5K	es_cat_icgc_100800401.tif
4.5K	es_cat_icgc_README.txt
4.5K	es_ign_README.txt
4.5K	eur_nkg_README.txt
4.5K	FO
4.5K	fr_ign_CGVD2013RGSPM06.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_gg10_sbv2.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_gg10_smv2.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggg00_lsv2.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggg00_mgv2.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggg00_sbv2.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggg00_smv2.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggg00v2.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggm00v2.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggm04v1.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggpf02-Bora.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggpf02-Huahine.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggpf02-Maiao.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggpf02-Maupiti.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggpf02-Raiatea.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggpf02-Tahaa.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggpf02-Tupai.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggpf05-HivaOa.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggpf05-Nuku.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggpf08-Gambier.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggpf08-Mataiva.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggpf08-Raivavae.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggpf08-Reao.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggpf08-Rurutu.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggpf08-Tikehau.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggpf08-Tubuai.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggpf10-Moorea.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_ggspm06v1.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_RALD2016.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_RALDW842016.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_RALS2016.tif
4.5K	fr_ign_README.txt
4.5K	GL27
4.5K	ISL
4.5K	is_lmi_README.txt
4.5K	ITRF2000
4.5K	ITRF2008
4.5K	ITRF2014
4.5K	nad.lst
4.5K	nc_dittt_gr3dnc03a.tif
4.5K	nc_dittt_README.txt
4.5K	NKG
4.5K	nl_nsgi_README.txt
4.5K	nz_linz_blufht1955-nzvd2016.tif
4.5K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-20000101.json
4.5K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-20130801.json
4.5K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-20140201.json
4.5K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-20150101.json
4.5K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-20160701.json
4.5K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ds20090715-grid011.tif
4.5K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ds20090715-grid012.tif
4.5K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-ds20090715-grid014.tif
4.5K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-mq20041223-grid011.tif
4.5K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-mq20041223-grid013.tif
4.5K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-mq20041223-grid014.tif
4.5K	nz_linz_nzgd2000-mq20041223-grid016.tif
4.5K	nz_linz_README.txt
4.5K	nz_linz_stisht1977-nzvd2016.tif
4.5K	other.extra
4.5K	proj.ini
4.5K	pt_dgt_README.txt
4.5K	se_lantmateriet_README.txt
4.5K	sk_gku_README.txt
4.5K	uk_os_README.txt
4.5K	us_nga_README.txt
4.5K	us_noaa_c1hpgn.tif
4.5K	us_noaa_c2hpgn.tif
4.5K	us_noaa_eshpgn.tif
4.5K	us_noaa_guhpgn.tif
4.5K	us_noaa_mdhpgn.tif
4.5K	us_noaa_MD.tif
4.5K	us_noaa_pvhpgn.tif
4.5K	us_noaa_README.txt
4.5K	us_noaa_wshpgn.tif
4.5K	world
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  • also must configure proj.ini in /ms4w/proj/nad/

comment:17 by Jeff McKenna, 4 years ago

Milestone: 4.1 release4.1.0 release

Milestone renamed

comment:18 by Jeff McKenna, 3 years ago

Blocking: 292 added

comment:19 by Jeff McKenna, 3 years ago

Blocking: 292 removed

comment:20 by Jeff McKenna, 3 years ago

Summary: upgrade to PROJ 6.x series (now PROJ 7)upgrade to PROJ 6.x series (now PROJ 8)

comment:21 by Jeff McKenna, 3 years ago


  • there is now a PROJ_USER_WRITABLE_DIRECTORY environment variable as part of PROJ 8.1.0 that we can use
    • must set that to "/ms4w/proj/grids"
    • set that in setenv.bat & httpd.conf
    • all grids and cache.db (chunks of grids) will be stored there

comment:22 by Jeff McKenna, 2 years ago

Milestone: 4.1.0 release5.0.0 release

Milestone renamed

comment:23 by Jeff McKenna, 2 years ago

PROJ 8.2.0 is about to be released, must include in MS4W 5.0

comment:24 by Jeff McKenna, 17 months ago

Summary: upgrade to PROJ 6.x series (now PROJ 8)upgrade to PROJ 6.x series (now PROJ 9)

comment:25 by Jeff McKenna, 8 months ago

PROJ 9.3.0 was released today and will be included in MS4W 5.0-final

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